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Aha Ads: Wow Your Customers

What Are Aha Ads?

Aha ads are ads that work

Aha ads are sticky  messages that not only catch people's attention by countering their expectations but also leave them with a feeling of elation as they discover new insight about your brand.

Multimedia Training Material

Using the latest advances in the science of self-persuasion and memory, aha ads help your potential customers  experience your ad as an epiphany that becomes lodged in their long-term memory.  Instead of counter-arguing and resisting your ad, your target audience members will self-infer your message as a their own insight. 


Intrigued?  Contact us today to find out how you can use the aha-ad design technique to design memorable ads for your clients.  Our industry tested multimedia training material will help you master the easy to follow step-by-step aha ad design process.


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